My past life regression was a truly unique, fun, and fascinating experience that I will never forget!  Through Therapeutic Conversations before and after, I was able to gain insight and self-awareness that helped me to let go of negative emotions and break some bad habits.

S.M., M.S. Psychology, Baldwin County, AL

Rebecca's past life regressions are wonderful.  Before I knew it, I was in a different world.  It was so easy and seemingly automatic.  No effort involved at all.  And even though the session took hours, I wish it would have lasted so much longer!
Bernt Licht, Mobile, AL

My past life regression with Ellen Rebecca was truly life changing and life affirming.  What I learned from that experience has given me insight and guidance for this lifetime.  Her quiet, peaceful presence and gently, soothing voice immediately puts you at ease.  I wholeheartedly would recommend Ellen Rebecca and this experience to anyone.

Lee Green, M.S. Clinical Counseling, RN

Ellen Rebecca's skill encompasses such knowledge, kindness, and compassion that it creates an atmosphere of complete trust.  I easily opened to the experience.  

P. S.           Baldwin County, AL

While I can be a bit of a skeptic, I was completely blown away!  Rebecca skillfully guided me to my Soul...allowing me to rest, learn, and be comforted.  

I. L.              The Eastern Shore, AL

"For more than a few years, I tried traditional therapy.  I bought the feel good books and paid a lot of money.  I felt 'petted' but was never successful at applying any of it to the situations I was seeking answers to.  Within a short period of time of working with Rebecca I was able to resolve what I'd struggled with for years.  A breakthrough it was.   I recommend her to anyone who wants to gain insight into themselves and the world around them.

L.C.  Fairhope, AL

It has been 5 days now since my Spiritual Regression with Rebecca and I continue to savor it.  The memory is very sharp and comforting.  She enabled me to meet with my guides and counsel and feel the support of my departed soul group.  An extraordinary experience and one I treasure...

L.B.   Fairhope, AL 

Past Life Regression has been an incredibly enlightening and life changing experience for me.  It has allowed me to discover answers to many lingering questions and it has explained a lot of situations I've encountered in this life.  Most importantly, I've found that it's a very useful therapeutic tool for addressing health issues.  While under hypnosis, I was able to recognize where specific issues and fears originated from  as I connected them to various past lives.  The experience enabled me to fully resolve those issues, which has provided me with much freedom for living this life.  I intend to continue to explore past life regression as needed.  I highly recommend it for anyone who is curious about exploring their past lives, and especially for those struggling with any type of unresolved issues.  

D.W., PhD.     Spanish Fort, AL

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