Rebecca Salonsky, M.S.

A short life story...(not about a short life - but just a short story about my life).

Formative years

Age   4 - had a conversation with God.

Age   7 - contemplated the notion of reincarnation.

Age 12 - asked my parents if I could become a nun.

My dad just said, "No, because we're not Catholic."

I was a funny kid.  I wanted to make people laugh...because I was born into a family with a great sadness.  My brother had drowned on the 4th of July when he was very young.  No counseling for my parents and none for my two older brothers.  They just lived with the pain, self-blame, and shame of all having been there at the river and yet no one knew that he floated around the bend and was swept away.  And no one spoke of  it...hardly ever.

Initially I went to university to study acting.  I felt called to it.  In particular, I loved the Stanislavsky method of acting.  It could be described as total immersion into the psyche of the character one is playing.  Rather than pretending to be someone you are not, it's more about feeling deeply into the character and playing that character to the bone.  This requires an understanding of human behavior.  Thus a love of the field of psychology was born and I added that major to Dramatic Arts and Sociology.  During a semester break, a friend, who had become a boat captain offered a well-paying  opportunity to work as a deckhand in the Gulf of Mexico for the Oil & Mineral Industry.  I went for two weeks and stayed for 8 years.

As if a page had been turned in my Book of Life ~I felt at home on a big boat.  It felt familiar~~as if I had done this work before.  I had a natural knowing for navigation and maneuvering a vessel in turbulent seas to offload passengers and cargo. Honestly,  it felt like I had been called to the sea.  I loved it.  I could have remained a mariner forever.  But I was also faced with a decision about time.  Did I want my story to be The Old Woman and the Sea or someday Married with Children?  I opted for the ultimate adventure and chose love.  And I needed to come ashore to make that happen.


Just outside of New Orleans, I was hired to teach marine law to men seeking USCG license for boat captain. 

From there I was off to marriage and motherhood.  Eventually returning  as a native to Fairhope with my husband and child.

I also returned to complete my education.  After which, I needed to be schooled in the helping profession since I was no longer a sailor and the idea of becoming an actress...well, let's just say...that ship had sailed.

Following postgraduate work with  a masters in Counseling and Psychology in hand, I worked briefly in the field.  I worked primarily with children before my dear, sweet  mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Thus began my life as a soul midwife of sorts.

For the next 17 years I was immersed in the care of loved ones dying. It was the most intense and yet the most sacred and rewarding work I had ever done.  I watched my mother, both of my brothers, and my father-in-law move through time to their last days on Earth.  I watched them drop their earthly attachments and personas  while  becoming the most beautiful reflection of who they truly are.  And I learned not to fear death.  I learned that the veil was thin.  I learned that life is really, truly eternal.

In between each 'passing' ~ I played in the garden.  With hands in the soil, I planted and pulled weeds, and asked for guidance.  I felt compelled to study hypnosis and several forms of regression therapy to uncover the past but only for therapeutic value.  I focused on the present moment through meditation and considered the future as it is always unfolding.  I was fascinated by consciousness as a field of                                                                        

energy.  I then dove deeply into the layers of the mind, brainwave states, the Unified Field, ancient spiritual and religious traditions, quantum realities and hypnotherapy.  What is the nature of reality and what is going on here?   I wanted to know.  I still do!   And I wanted to be of service.  Still do.  

And although my life has traversed some troubled waters (has brought me to my knees at times) I continue to love life and the people in it.  I still think it is a beautiful world and I'm grateful for it.  As the anonymous saying goes: 

It is not happiness that brings us gratitude, it is gratitude that brings us happiness.

It is also true that when life brings us challenges~~they can be seen as doorways to new and life-altering perspectives.  When that door is opened,  we may find peace, balance, forgiveness, release, and a new found wisdom.    

Sometimes we need someone to talk to.  Sometimes we need to be heard. Sometimes we need to listen.

We may even need to let go of old encoded energy from another time, another place.  

Maybe we need to forgive someone...maybe our self.  And just maybe we need to let someone know that they

matter or that life itself matters.

If any of my services resonate with you--I hope you will contact me.


M.S. Counseling & Psychology/ Troy University, Pensacola, FL

BFA Dramatic Arts;  B.S. Psychology;  B.S. Sociology / University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 

Maritime Training/ Delgado College,  New Orleans, LA

USCG Captain Licenses/  100 Ton Ocean Operator;  500 Ton Master License/ New Orleans, LA

Hypnotherapy/ Hypnosis International Institute, Buckhead, GA

Certified PSYCH-K Practitioner​


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